School Facilities

Sara Village School is a very modern school building and it offers facilities that are almost incomparable to others in the area. Bright, purpose-built classrooms with plenty of space to spread out are linked with airy, open spaces and corridors utilised for colourful displays to reflect current learning topics.

The school building provides for a maximum projected enrolment of 156 pupils, which is likely to include several nationalities and cultures. It was purpose built and offers an excellent environment for learning. There are specialist facilities for a number of subjects including: art and craft, design technology, music and science. There is also a dedicated library and a computer room. The PE programme benefits from the excellent compound sporting/recreational facilities, which are all very close at hand, as well as having its own exclusive areas on the school site.

The school is equipped with the latest technology to facilitate learning which includes: interactive touch screens, computers in every classroom, chromebooks and iPads sufficient for every child in Key Stage 1 and 2, dedicated internet provision, a wireless environment, a computerised library package which enables pupils to access information through an educational search system using both physical and electronic sources, as well as controlling the use of all library resources centrally.

Our inviting, well laid-out library has more than 1,000 titles to choose from, covering a wide range of topics encompassing both reference and fiction aimed at all reading levels, from beginner to age 12. Every student visits each week here, assisted by our librarian. There are comfortable chairs, desks for working at and beanbags for just curling up with an exciting tale of adventure on the high seas or magical, mythical creatures.

Teaching resources reflect the requirements of a Western expatriate primary school, while being sensitive to its particular international setting. The most appropriate and current texts to support learning through the National Curriculum (NC), alongside a testing system designed to monitor progress and attainment, allow the school community to compare SVS against any school using these and other standardised assessments worldwide.

Despite the fact that our school is geographically located in a desert, we have a number of outdoor areas that are well-used by the students, including shaded picnic and play areas with state-of-the-art playground equipment, as well as a grassed sports field where the sounds of children enjoying football and track and field activities can be heard during the cooler months.