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A very warm welcome to Sara Village School, a purpose-built, student-oriented environment that was established in 2010 and has, in that time, gone from strength to strength. The school being relatively small, the spotlight shines brightly on students, to the extent that we have almost individually-tailored education programmes. Teaching and learning focus in this well-resourced school is so well honed that all our students achieve their potential, and many exceed it.
We offer a warm welcome every day, and the children arrive with ears, eyes and minds open to embrace learning. This is also a calm school, which one of our teachers has likened to ‘a big hug.’ A strong sense of community defines Sara Village School. Our students are noted for their good behaviour, which springs from the fact that they are fulfilled in their quest for knowledge and supported in their needs, both academically and emotionally, with plenty of time for outdoor activities and creative arts as well.

Our facilities are outstanding, offering resources as fine as you will find in any top primary school. Every child has the use of a PC and an iPad, and the classrooms have interactive whiteboards that allow students to play an extremely active role in lessons. We offer truly 21st century learning, where students are enthusiastic and engaged learners. They don't simply turn up and open their books to a page – they are genuinely excited to be here and the excitement extends to a vibrant, committed teaching staff.

The motto of Sara Village School is “Where Learning is Great Fun,” and I truly believe this to be the case. Here, we are building whole learners, who grasp life in both hands. I would be delighted to show you around and introduce you to our gem of a school.


Amy Bates
Head Teacher