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Happy New Year

Dear Parents,

I’d like to start by wishing you all a happy new year and welcome everyone back to school.

Looking ahead, our teams have set concrete goals to finish the school year as strong as we started it.  Our Finance and Admissions teams are working on improving and simplifying our processes while also being transparent and showcasing the value our schools bring to the ISG community.  Our Operations and Facilities teams are conducting audits of all CCTV, HVAC, electronic and plumbing systems on each campus. The new campus specifically has presented us with challenges that were not at the old campus, and our goal for the rest of the year is to support our current teams with experts to address those challenges.  Our Teaching and Learning Office is continuing its efforts to promote Learner Agency at ISG among students, teachers and staff alike. They also continue to establish a clear vision for teaching and learning in ISG, develop our frameworks for learning and develop professional development opportunities for our teachers and staff.  Our Human Resources department has been working on recruitment the past few months and improving the systems we have in place to stay competitive at a regional and global level.  Lastly, our Government Relations Office has been working closely with government officials to finalize the decommissioning of the old Dhahran campus.  The team has also started their processes for work visas and permits for all new international teachers joining ISG next year.  I want to thank our teams for all their hard work and thank our parents and teachers for everything they do for our students.  The ISG community would not be what it is without everyone’s involvement.

The Learning Report is an annual publication* issued by the Teaching and Learning Office that showcases all the learning and training that our teachers and staff undergo during the year.  I am very proud of their commitment and dedication to their own professional development because it undoubtedly benefits our students' learning and growth inside the classroom.  Here is a copy of the Teaching and Learning Report.  (*Please note that each publication showcases the previous year's learning and training.)

I would like to remind you that ISG schools launched a student competition to find each school’s new team spirit song.  This type of song, commonly known as a ‘fight song’ or ‘school spirit song’ is sung among students during sports competitions, school trips and reunions.  Please encourage your children to participate.  We want one song for each school.  The competition closes on January 21.  Winners will be announced in March and songs will roll out to our community in September.  You can learn more about the competition and see some examples of other team spirit songs here.

ASD will be hosting an Open House for prospective students and parents on Saturday, January 21, 2023.  Please share this registration form with friends and family who are considering joining ASD.


Best wishes,

Michael P. Mack