Enrichment Programs

An integral part of the child’s education is not only what happens during the school day, but after school as well. After School Activities (ASAs) in a variety of interest areas are offered to pupils throughout the year on week days except for Thursday. These activities begin at the end of the school day (2.15 pm) and last for one hour.  Pupils who are involved in ASAs must leave school by 3.30 pm at the latest.

The programme helps promote a positive school spirit, motivates pupils and broadens opportunities for learning. Community members are encouraged to take part and should approach the school if they wish to offer activities to enhance this programme.

There is a student council with representatives from each Key Stage 2 class which meets with a member of staff to discuss student issues and ideas for improvement.

After School Activities
ASA’s are offered in response to pupil requests generated at the start of the school year and predicated upon staff/community expertise and resources to provide these. They take place on four days of the week throughout the year, changing each term to give choice and opportunity across the age groups. They last for one hour and take place at the end of the regular school day. Some activities may also take place during lunchtime.